MobiPromo is one of the most

advanced Network marketing system all over the world

CAN(Content and AD Network)|CDN(Content Delivery Network)|AN(AD Delivery Network)




CAN STARBOX: it is used to integrate the decentralized content delivery network with the Nodes. It also supports Wi-Fi, Router and the usgae of crytocurrency. It is the first decentralised application built on blockchain technology. CAN STARBOX is not merely a mining machine nor a simple WiFi equipment, it is a full function equipment integrating decentralised applications, Wi-Fi, location marketing as well as blockchain digital wealth creation.



CAN (Content and Ad Nework) was issued based on the brand name -- MobiPromo which is renowned globally and based her thousands of Wi-Fi locations all over the world. In a year time, the second generation of our products will be developed, tested and applied in the market. With one year promotion, we will have 1 million nodes in full operation. And it will be highly useful and attractive to the sizeable content providers and also global advertisers to join into our network.




Content Delivery Network: Different applications such as Games, videos, Realtime Broadcast, downloads, digital hardwares etc. have been consistently boosting up the demands for the bandwidth on internet connection. It makes the cost for bandwidth keep surging up. And yet, having a cost effective bandwidth has become a pressing need for content providers. CDN can effectively solve the problem. CDN provides services like internet speed up, data storage, cloud management etc. Today,the market size of CDN will soon reach an amazing scale of USD10 Billions.


The advertisers who use Mobipromo services are benefited as they can easily trace who, when and where their Advertisement are being displayed. Such transparency enabled by MobiPromo system using Blockchain Technology can also effectively avoid the fraudulent numbers and data which occur to most of the online Ads today. The real effectiveness of the ADs can be easily seen by the advertisers. Further, with the precision of Mobipromo system which directs the right AD to the right people at the right location, Advertisers can thus minimise their budget as well as maximizing the effects of their ADs.



  • wu/CEO
    Jason Wu
  • wu/CEO
    James Lau
  • wu/CEO
    Richard Sze
    Business Development Director
  • wu/CEO
    Joey Ng
    Business Development Director
  • wu/CEO
    Ola Johannes Lind
  • wu/CEO
    William Morris Tait
    Product Director
  • wu/CEO
    Howard Chan
    Business Development Director
  • wu/CEO
    Charles Wang
    Blockchain Researcher


  • Nov. 2017

    CAN API service version 1.0 official launching
  • Dec. 2017

    CAN Wallet version 1.0 official launching
  • Jan. 2018

    CAN Nodes browser development completion
  • Jan. 2018

    CAN DAN Prototype showing
  • Jan. 2018

    CAN DCAN Prototype showing
  • March 2018

    CAN STARTBOX sample units showing
  • June 2018

    CAN v.1.0 launching
  • Sept. 2018

    CAN v.2.0 launching